Any person, or company carrying of manufacturing and trading of any product under category of cottage & small scale industries includes handlooms, handicrafts, service sectors & others can become a member of the society subject to the provision and restriction contained in these rules, the rights and privileges of membership may be exercised by such member or by any other person authorized by power of attorney or letter of authority to sign the name of the members.

Ordinary Member:

Any person, qualified to be a member, by paying an ordinary membership fee of Rs. 500/- per annum along with an admission fee of Rs. 50/- payable at the time of admission, may be admitted as an ordinary Member of the society

Life Member :

Any manufacturer, manufacturing or company desirous of becoming a Life Member of the society shall pay a sum of Rs. 15000/- for once on account of subscription together with admission fee as applicable for new members. The rights and privilege of the life member shall be as Ordinary Member.

Patron :

The members who served as President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary of the association in the past, may be nominated as Patron or Patrons of the society in the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The number of members so nominated in any year shall not exceed 3 in number.

Honorary Member:

Any person who by reason of his eminence of special knowledge is considered by the Committee to be helpful of the society may be nominated by them as Honorary Member of the society for a definite period as they might think fit by the Committee. Such member will not have to pay any fee and will not have right to vote.

Institutional/ Affiliate Member:

Any organization/body/society will be entitled to become member by paying an Institutional/Affiliate membership fee of Rs. 750/- per annum along with an admission fee ofRs. 150/- payable at the time of admission, may be admitted as an Institutional/Affiliate Member of the society subject to the resolution taken by the Executive Members from time to time. Anybody desiring to be a member of the society shall apply in writing to the any one of the General Secretary in prescribed from available in the society’s Office. The said General Secretary, on receipt of such application will place the same before the Committee at the earliest opportunity for consideration and notify its result to the Applicant. The Committee Reserves the right to refuse membership without assigning any reason whatsoever. Every member by joining the society undertakes to abide by the Rules and Regulations in these Rules/Articles and those framed and passed by the Society for the fulfilment of one or all the aims and objects of the Memorandum of Association. Any member may withdraw himself from the society by giving one calendar month’s notice to the any one of the Joint Secretary in writing and on such expiry of the time will cease to be a member of the society.