Cessation of Membership:

  1. Any member who shall by any means cease to be the member shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay to the society all money/monies due by him to the society at the time of his causing to be a member.
  2. Any member failing to remit his subscription within the specified period of its becoming due is liable to have his name struck off from the Register of Members. He shall not thereafter be entitled to take part in any meeting of the society. Any one of the Joint Secretary may in the first instance send notice to clear off the dues within two months after 31 st March and failing to recover these dues shall place the matter before the Executive Committee who shall be competent to pass final orders.

Membership of the society will automatically cease under the following circumstances: -

  1. Insolvency
  2. Violations of the Rules & regulations of the society.
  3. Any conduct prejudicial to the interest of the society in the opinion of the committee.
  4. Any un-becoming conduct in the business transactions.